Kim Kardashian May Have Exaggerated Infertility Problems & That Could Delay Her Divorce

kim kardashianUh-oh, Kim Kardashian. Looks like the reality star's little scheme to get sympathy for her supposed infertility issues might end up backfiring in the worst possible way: By delaying her divorce proceedings. Curses! Foiled again! That's right, Kris Humphries claims his ex sugar mama wife completely exagerrated her so-called struggle with infertility so audiences would be so busy throwing her a pity party they'd automatically blame the whole split on big bad Kris. And that's not all Kris is saying!


Kris says this infertility issue is a perfect example of Kim's willingness to twist the truth for the sake of her career, which he hopes will trump up his whole OUR MARRIAGE WAS A LIE! A SHAM AND A LIE!! angle. Because, presumably, he'd end up getting mo' money, mo' money, mo' money in that case.

Really, Kris? That's a low and bitter blow. An invasively low and bitter blow. Is nothing sacred? Okay, fine, that's a ridiculous quesion to ask regarding the Kardashians. But seriously. I mean, is Kim's OBGYN supposed to testify in court? That's so fricken' tacky. Get over yourself, Kris.

Do you think it's fair for Kris Humphries to bring up Kim Kardashian's infertility issues?

Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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