Kristen Stewart's Sulky Face on Oscars Night Was All Because of Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartWe might finally have the real reason why Kristen Stewart looked so scowly and sulky at the Oscars -- and it's not because of her crutches, or her knock-down-drag-out with Liberty Ross, nor even because she always looks that way.

No, maybe it's because Robert Pattinson apparently didn't text her that night! Harumph! Don't you hate it when a guy doesn't text you back?


Reportedly Rumoredly, Kristen was expecting her on-off (on? off?) boyfriend to text her while she was at the Oscars, saying something about her presentation with Daniel Radcliffe. Blabs a source to Hollywood Life:

Kristen Stewart was VERY depressed at the Oscars. She thought Robert Pattinson would at least call and congratulate her but he didn’t at all. She kept her phone near her and checked it for texts but they never came.

Oh, man. That's gotta suck! Doesn't matter who you are, when you're waiting on a call or a text from a dude, and it doesn't come, it's enough to make anyone scowly, sulky, and looking like standing on the Oscars stage with Daniel Radcliffe is the last place on this planet you'd like to be. Well, most of us could have probably faked it. But this is Kristen 'PermaScowl' Stewart we're talkin'.

I'm surprised she didn't bring the phone with her on stage. And, like, check it right before she opened the envelope. And right after. And during.

Kristen, Kris, Krissy, darlin' ... you cheated on the guy. He's halfway around the world now. He's detaching a bit. Maybe because he doesn't trust you anymore, ya know? Dig?

I wonder if he ever texted her? Apparently Rupert Sanders did. So, at least she's getting some texts. Just not the ones she wants. Poor KStew. Hey, maybe Rob's phone ran out of juice. It happens.

Is this the face of a girl who didn't get a text?


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