Robert Pattinson May Be Using Demi Lovato for Revenge

Robert PattinsonWe've all had major crushes in our lives. Sometimes, those big crushes make us do silly things. You know, dress a certain way or say ridiculous things. But flying halfway across the world? Yeah, can't say I've ever gone that far for a man. Allegedly Demi Lovato has it bad for Robert Pattinson. Really bad. She's been meaning to go to Australia to see fans for a while now, and since RPattz is there filming, now seems like the perfect opportunity. 

Yeah, I don't know if I believe it either. Rob and Kristen Stewart are allegedly off right now, so hey, it's not totally crazy. But think about it: Rob and Demi? Ha! If it did happen, it would totally just be for revenge.


Personally, I just could never see Rob and Demi together. Personality-wise I just don't think they'd meld well, especially when you think of the type of person Kristen is and how that's what Rob was attracted to for so many years. Plus, the both of them have such crazy careers that lead them in totally different directions -- they'd never have time to see each other!

With that said, if these breakup rumors are true I could totally see Rob stepping out with someone soon. Just like anyone else, Rob deserves to be with someone who treats him well. After all he's been through, he also deserves to rub that in Kristen's face a little.

Could you see Rob and Demi together? Do you think he'll find someone else soon?

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