'Girls Gone Wild' Declares Bankruptcy in -- Unbelievably -- Joe Francis’s Sleaziest Move to Date

Girls Gone WildThey're gorgeous, they're sexy, they're horny, and they're ready to show you their rockin' hard bodies and perfect boobs! Imagine what they do behind closed doors. Well you won't have to anymore. It's all here in Girls Gone Wild! Ah, the titillating message of Girls Gone Wild, that infamous video creation of creepy founder Joe Francis. Based on the thrilling premise of showcasing college age women who are willing to expose themselves on camera, scores of Girls Gone Wild titles have been produced since the company launched in 1997 -- but it seems legal headaches have forced the company to file for bankruptcy.

Here's where I'd love to include a HILARIOUS zinger about how it's high time Joe Francis lost his shirt for once ... but unfortunately, this Chapter 11 business seems like it's just a slimy way for the company to avoid paying the debt it's accumulated from being sued.


Last year Steve Wynn’s Wynn Las Vegas LLC won a slander lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, after Francis publicly accused Wynn of threatening to kill him due to his gambling debt. Francis reportedly owes Wynn around $30 million, and Girls Gone Wild has also been successfully sued for $5.8 million by a woman who says the company used naked images of her without permission.

This week, Francis moved to place GGW Brands and other companies related to the brand under Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles. He said GGW Brands remained strong financially, and that the move was only meant to restructure "frivolous and burdensome legal affairs."

Francis added,

This Chapter 11 filing will not affect any of Girls Gone Wild’s domestic or international operations. Just like American Airlines and General Motors, it will be business as usual for Girls Gone Wild.

UGH GROSS. "Hey we still have a shitload of money but we don't want to pay our debts."

By the way, Francis isn't exactly known for paying his bills. In 2007 he was indicted by a grand jury for two counts of tax evasion -- he claimed over $20 million in false deductions on his corporate returns in 2002 and 2003.

What a shady situation all the way around. I seriously don't understand how a company can claim bankruptcy while simultaneously touting their financial strength, can you? I'm no prude, but I hope Girls Gone Wild goes straight down the crapper over this legal mess.

Image via Girls Gone Wild

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