Kate Middleton's Brother: First a Nude Photo Scandal, Now THIS?

pippa and james middleton
Pippa and James Middleton
Kate Middleton's brother, James, is in a bit of a pickle, royal fan friends. Not only did his business, Nice Group, which sells custom cakes, breads, and confectioneries, lose about $26,000 last year, but also, he owes creditors around $50,000. Bullocks. James, not being able to foot the bill on his lonesome, did what most people with millionaire parents would do: He asked mum and dad for money.

Big deal, right? Kids with loaded parents ask for money all the time. Especially when it's to help their faltering business. But, for devil's advocate's sake here, it needs to be mentioned that lots of kids aren't the sibling of a future queen. And, also, lots of kids don't have (kind of hot) naked photo scandals like James.


If you'll remember a short while back, photos of young James bottomless, nude, and with his hand down his pants made their way into the open arms of the Internet. Following the publication of the photos, many speculated that Kate, despite being a family gal, was none too pleased. And who can blame her? No one needs a wasty-faced, nude younger bro cramping your style when you're trying to get in good with the Queen.

James disappeared from the media for a while, but now here he is again, sadly, accompanied by a low-grade scandal. Can't Kate (or James, I suppose) catch a break? Some of James' antics (and, at times, Pippa's) are the polar opposite of what the Duchess of Cambridge is trying to convey -- elegance, class, non-nudity (though she's had her own run-in with that, but you get what I'm saying).

It sucks that James and Pippa are so closely watched now because their sister is famous, but them's the breaks, kids. Get it together. The Queen is watching.

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