Prince William's Hiker Rescue Sounds So Hot It Has to Be Made Up

prince williamPoor Kate Middleton. She's married to such a loser. Imagine waking up every morning, having to look at this? Ugh, poor thing. And you know Prince William's going to be a dead beat dad. I honestly don't know how she does it.

I kid. Friends -- I so kid. Prince William is the g.d. stuff romance novel dreams are made of. Literally. Dude just swooped in on a helicopter and rescued two hikers who were stranded in a place called Snowdonia. Seriously. Prince. Rescue. Land of Snowdonia. Slap me silly and call me Sally if you don't see this novel at CVS in a few months. Possible title: His Majesty's Forbidden Love?


No, but seriously, let's talk about Prince William for a minute. The Dad of Cambridge flew his helicopter in freezing conditions to Snowdonia, North Wales to rescue to two walkers in peril. Apparently, the couple had to spend a night out in the cold after not being able to make it back from a hike. Wills, a pilot with England's RAF Search and Rescue Force, was called in after a rescue team and trained dogs found the couple. Chris Lloyd of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue said: "The helicopter came about 1 a.m. to search the mountain which was quite difficult with patches of low cloud. Flying the mountains at night with banks of low cloud requires great skill."

AKA, Prince William is a living, breathing storybook character. Or, as I like to think of him: "Serg, the royal Spaniard who's shunned his family's fortune, from His Majesty's Forbidden Love." Title still in progress, but I'm open to suggestions.

What do you think of Prince William and his knight-in-shining-armor hotness?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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