Kim Kardashian’s Baby Weight Predictions May Come as a Surprise

kim kardashianIt's fair to say that not much seems very authentic about the lives the Kardashians lead. Honestly, they are like walking billboards for everything from dietary supplements to nail polish to clothes and shoes. As much as I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sometimes it feels like an extended, well-shot commercial. That said, I am happy to see mama-to-be Kim is keeping it real about pregnancy. The reality star let everyone know what to expect from her over the next few months.


As soon as Kim revealed she was pregnant, people weren't just on the lookout for her bump. They assumed the incredibly voluptuous reality star would expand everywhere else too. Turns out, so does Kim herself. When asked about her weight gain in the new issue of Cosmopolitan, she simply said, "I'll definitely be up there!" This sounds like a star who isn't afraid of the pregnancy pounds. Don't get me wrong -- I am sure she doesn't want to gain 60-plus like poor Jessica Simpson. No one does. But it seems like Kim is very realistic about what is likely to happen to her legendary shape.

Believe it or not, so does her momager Kris Jenner. She reportedly said Kim shouldn't bother exercising like crazy during her pregnancy because she was "going to get fat regardless." Talk about a straight shooter. It's harsh, but she's right. The pounds will come whether Kim likes it or not.

Packing on a ton of weight is a big concern for any mom-to-be. How am I going to look? Will I be able to take it off quickly? What if none of my old clothes never fit again? It's stressful fearing that you will never reclaim your pre-baby body. You just cannot let it consume you. Kim seems to know that. Her entire career is built around her physique -- no one has a more famous derriere aside from maybe J. Lo -- but she has the right perspective. This is the one time in her life that she should feel she is supposed to gain weight. It's healthy for her and her baby.

Do you think Kim should be worried about her weight gain?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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