Jenelle Evans & Gary Head Are NOT Together and We Think We Know Why

Jenelle EvansRemember last week when we were irked that Jenelle Evans and her ex Gary Head made us think they were together? Well, Teen Mom fans can breathe a small sigh of relief that, in fact, it's not true. Jenelle's official Facebook moderator and friend Kristin Ann told fans that the Teen Mom and her ex are NOT together. Phew!

To be real -- I'm not surprised. Are you? I mean let's face it, Jenelle is supposedly in rehab right now (although how she's Tweeting up a storm from there is beyond me) and is still technically married to Courtland Rogers. She also said she wants to be Gary's wife, instead. That's a pretty serious statement there.

Shoot. If I were him, I'd be running in the other direction. FAST.


It's been clear for a long, long while now that Jenelle has all sorts of issues that she needs to work out. I mean, let's be real, no normal 20-something with her head on straight goes off and gets married on a whim. No in-her-right-mind 20-something gets back together after the aforementioned marriage with a man who tried to strangle her less than a year ago. Jenelle Evans? Well, yes, that's all normal behavior. In fact if she wasn't making all sorts of irrational decisions -- I think we'd be more concerned.

My guess is Gary's a little spooked. He's realizing everything that comes with being together with Jenelle Evans and is trying to figure out if that is what he wants, which probably explains why he's hanging out with her old BFFL Hannah. With Jenelle away, I bet the duo is holding off on labeling things until she's out. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Jenelle comes out of rehab really single.

Do you think Jenelle and Gary are good together?


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