'Ghost' Girl Who Haunts Hair Salon Is Hilarious & Terrifying (VIDEO)

Imagine if you're sitting in your local hair salon, chatting about your highlights or layers and whether or not you'll get a blowout, when suddenly the ghostly face of a scarily pale girl appears in the mirror. And then she scurries into the salon on all fours ... backwards! Yeah, you'd lose it just like these women did. The poor dears were all unwitting participants in a practical joke set up to promote the movie Last Exorcism 2. And the creepy-looking girl is just an actress -- and a very flexible one at that. But the women didn't know that. And their reactions are hysterical.


The jokers set up a horror movie playing on the TV in the salon (what salon has a horror movie playing??) to set the mood and then put the female clients behind a two-way mirror. Behind the mirror was a girl in ghostly white makeup and a long white dress.

As the women are staring happily into the mirror, the freaky ghost girl's otherworldly face suddenly appears on the other side of it. Some of the women laugh about it, some don't quite believe what they're seeing, and others -- well, others do what I certainly would have done. Bolt!

"I know I'm not trippin'," one woman breathes panic-striken, before letting out a piercing scream and running for her life.

One woman just sits there laughing, asking calmly, "What the hell?" (Pretty darn brave -- or dumb.)

The jokers then decide to take the prank a bit further -- and send the girl into the salon, crawling backwards on all fours. If you thought the first reactions were crazy, wait 'til you see those!

Hell, if I saw this, I'd never go into this salon again! Or maybe even any salon.

What would you do if you saw this girl in your hair salon? Have you ever been the victim of a scary practical joke?

Image via CNNExclusive1/YouTube

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