Kim Kardashian 'Stole' Lady Gaga's Stylist & She Needs to Give Him Back Now

Kim Kardashian Oh, boy. There's a new feud brewing in La-La-Land. Apparently Kim Kardashian "stole" Lady Gaga's stylist -- and Gaga ain't too happy about it.

Nicola Formichetti started working with Kim recently and styled her up for the new March issue of Elle magazine. And supposedly Kimmy likes his styling (yes, Nicola is a dude) so much, she wants him to keep working with her from here on out.

And of the new partnership, a source says, "Gaga was fuming when she discovered Nicola was working with Kim. She's fiercely protective of the people she works with, and she's always been determined to have Nicola all to herself."


Uh-oh. She sounds pissed, all right. And if this report is true, Kim better kick Nicola to the curb to avoid the wrath of Gaga before it's too late.

And aside from being the victim of Gaga's rage -- Kim should really think about finding another stylist simply because the last thing she needs is to start looking like Lady Gaga. And based on some of her more recent ensembles, it appears as though she's already starting to shift over to the wacky side.

First there was the ballgown of feathers she wore to go shopping in Paris, which was all kinds of a hot mess.

And then she stepped out in leather maternity attire, and dared to wear that black and white dress that made her look 100 times bigger than she actually is.

Oh yeah, we can't forget the crazy peplum pants she threw on. Those definitely had a certain element of Gaga going on.

Yep, she's turned up wearing some pretty odd fashion choices lately -- and it's hard not to wonder if Gaga's stylist is to blame. And it's also tough not to be curious about what he'll dress her in from here on out.

Seriously, what's next? A meat dress? (Or possibly something even worse?)

OMG. She really needs to let this guy go before it's too late.

What are your thoughts on Kim's recent style?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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