Rachel McAdams' Split From Michael Sheen Opens the Door for a Reunion With Her True Love (VIDEO)

ryan gosling rachel mcadamsIf it wasn't bad enough that totes adorable couple Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have now called it quits, word on the street is Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are also throwing in the towel! Boo hoo--oh ... never mind! I never actually even liked them together!

Really, what on earth were they doing?! Sure, they're both talented actors ... and they met on the set of one of my faves, Midnight in Paris. No sparks flew while they were working, because that's supposedly not how Rachel rolls (anymore, right?). But they started out as friends, and it grew into a romance. Zzzzzz. Boorrrring. They clearly had zero chemistry. Their relationship -- on-screen and off -- looked about 180 degrees from "I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day," Noah and Allie-dom.

Which brings me to my point: This split is a sign. It's time for the cutest Canadian-American couple in Hollywood to reunite ... Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling belong together!


All right, so they've given it not one but two shots since the first time they met, fell in love, and baked us up the eternally-tasty chocolate chip cookie of all romantic films, The Notebook. And just think back to the kind of off-the-charts chemistry they clearly had ... I know I'm not the only one hoping that one day, everything would fall into place for them. I'm telling you -- even grown women who are obsessed with Ryan Gosling ("Hey girl ...") probably daydream about a Ryan-Rachel reunion.

You know, come to think of it ... Maybe Michael Sheen was Rachel's Lon. And maybe, just maybe, Eva Mendes is Martha Shaw?! I know, I know -- horrible, because I love her too! And she's gorgeous, talented, hilarious ... So obviously, we can't help but get Ry's attraction. Then again, she's no Rachel.

Ahh, well. Could very well just be a silly, romantic fantasy based on a movie based on a sappy Nicholas Sparks book. Ha. And perhaps their relationship really wasn't all it seemed. But if it was, this split from Sheen totally makes a romantic Notebook-esque reunion slightly more possible. Squeee!

Would you love to see Rachel and Ryan reunite?


Image via Warner Bros.

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