One Direction's Harry Styles Takes a Shoe to the Crotch & We're Sorry for Laughing (VIDEO)

Harry StylesI don't mean to upset you horribly, One Direction fans, but I have some rather dramatic news to share. During a Tuesday night concert in Glasgow, Scotland, it seems young Harry Styles was ... well, there's no way to say it nicely: He was pelted in the crotch. With a flying shoe.

Yes, some overzealous fan got so caught up in the moment that she hurled a sneaker onstage while the One Direction was mid-banter. It landed harmlessly, but she must have worked on her aim for the next throw, because the second shoe pounded Styles right in his boy-banditos -- and dropped him like a stone.

Awesomely, there is video of this bizarre incident, and you know somewhere in the world, Taylor Swift is watching this over and over and, like, over.


It seems the shoes were thrown by a local teenager named Jade Anderson, who explained her actions to a Scottish radio show:

I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me. I didn't mean to hit him where I hit him. I'm really embarrassed.

Gosh, that first sentence isn't creepy at ALL, is it? Anyway, here's the thrilling moment caught on camera:

You've got to give Styles props for not only hamming it up with his crumpling-to-the-ground action, but also in how he performed some stretches afterwards. Walk it off, Harry!

If the vision of someone being pelted with footwear seems vaguely familiar, it's true that Styles now joins an illustrious group of thrown-shoe-recipients, including George W. Bush.

Personally, I think there's a poetic full circle kind of magical wonder in seeing Harry Styles take a shoe to the crotch -- not because I want to see him get hurt, mind you, but because it works so beautifully with this Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble (Goat Edition)" clip:


On a scale of normal to yeesh, how freaky is it to throw a shoe at a band member so they can "touch something" that belongs to you?

Image via evarinaldiphotography/Flickr

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