Kim Kardashian Turns 'Mommy Blogger' -- Insert Eye Roll Here

kim kardashianI'm sure Kim Kardashian's top priority used to be getting into the hottest clubs in L.A. and Vegas. But now that she's pregnant, she's hoping to be welcomed into an even more exclusive fold: The world of mommy bloggers! Oh. Yes. 

It's not like she's gone so far as to start a whole new blog devoted to parenting ... She's just begun adding "mommy blogs" (labeled as such) to her usual columns on Not all that surprising, I guess. She's never been shy about sharing her fashion tips and the most personal details of her life (ahem, did you see the new French magazine cover shot of her straddling Kanye?!). So why would (or should) she hold back from writing about the "Perfect Maternity Jeans"? Sounds pretty standard for a pregnant woman ... But it wasn't without a Kim twist!


She reviewed a fantastic pair of very expensive maternity jeans she received. (Because one of the sad ironies about Hollywood is that when you're rich and famous, you get even more stuff for free.) Thankfully, that wasn't all there was to the post. She also mentioned that she's having a hard time navigating maternity clothing, because this is her first pregnancy. Aww, Kim needs help, guys! And so she reached out to followers, asking, "Are there any other moms to be out there who have tried these? I’d love to hear your pregnancy tips too!! :-) Xo” 

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I'm sure there will be much more where that post came from! And while I believe she has genuine interest in "mommy"-geared topics she may cover, there's a teeny bit of skeeve factor here. She's hopping on a trendy, celeb bandwagon. "First comes reality show, then comes baby, then comes your own mommy blog!" Aaaand, of course, she's gonna get publicity, and maybe even big bucks from mommy blogging and reviewing a slew of pricey parenting swag. But when your career and your brand is just, well, YOU, and then, you're a mom-to-be, whatcha gonna do? This natural progression is just something that comes with the territory for Kim. Even though I could totally see it getting under the skins of "real" mommy bloggers!

How do you feel about Kim Kardashian trying to become a "mommy blogger"?


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