Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Hint at Their Most X-Rated Moments on New Magazine Cover (VIDEO)

kim kardashian kanye westWow, guess the days of Kim Kardashian keeping her relationship with Kanye West hush-hush are looooooong gone. Have you SEEN those two on the most recent cover of French magazine L'Officiel Hommes? I mean, really, how could you MISS them? The steamy shot -- in which Kim is straddling Kanye and they look like they're in the middle of an explicit moment -- is everywhere, and it is bordering on NSFW. (Well, I guess it depends on where you work. Here, as you know, Kim's daily sexy shenanigans are par for the course!)

Now that you've been warned, check it out ...


kim and kanye cover of l'officiel hommes

Hot, right? Maybe too hot? And sure, some will say this is utterly obnoxious. But aside from who the couple is (two of the most shameless self-promoters in the world) and the fact that the woman isn't even technically divorced from another man yet, I'm not understanding why it's making some people so uncomfortable.

I get that not every couple would be comfortable taking a photo like this. If anything, it would be something that existed strictly for one another -- and not the world. But there are definitely couples like Kimye who aren't at all shy about their sexual chemistry and sex life. Who don't mind putting their passion for one another out there. Who aren't worrying what their kids will think one day if they happen to find a picture of Mom and Dad kissing or Mom sitting in Dad's lap or whatever. And good for them! Sex, sexuality, and intimacy are all totally normal, healthy parts of life and relationships. And we shouldn't judge any couple for being comfortable with and confident about any of it!

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Yeah, okay, one day Kimye's daughter is going to be hanging out with her bestie Blue Ivy, and maybe they'll find this magazine cover. But will she be scandalized? Well, being that her parents are gonna be Kimye and her grandmother KRIS JENNER, probably not.

We shouldn't be either.

Thoughts on this cover? How do you feel about couples who aren't shy about their sex life?


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