‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Poster Is a Diss to Ferocious Dragons Everywhere (PHOTO)

Game of Thrones season 3This isn't the newest posterJust a little over a month left until the March 31 premiere of season 3 of Game of Thrones, and HBO's been coming out with new teasers, trailers, photos, and posters to get fans even more excited than they already are. As if that were remotely possible. (It's not.)

Based off of George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords, season 3 should be well worth this long, agonizing, hellish wait. Obviously the new material to hype up season 3 can't give away any of the spoilers that we're going to see (and, man, fans who haven't read the book are in for quite a surprise/shock), but this latest poster they just released on the heels of the new 60-second trailer?

It's been met with a resounding "eh."

No spoilers for season 3 after the jump, so check out the poster below!


Here it is, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Game of thrones season 3 poster

That's it? A shadow of a dragon? It's lame. And boring. And uninspired. The dragon may be flying, showing how much it's grown from season 1, but still, that's the best they could do? Everyone already knows HBO can come out with super-realistic, amazing-looking dragons too! So what's with the frustrating silhouette? I so prefer this poster from season 2, which at least had, you know, some color, and this poster from season 1 features Eddard Stark looking badass. Who could want more than that?

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Granted, fans of the series don't really need incredibly original, visually compelling posters to get them to tune in on March 31, so perhaps HBO is saving their money on the actual production of this very, very expensive show. But with all the explosive twists and turns that will come out in season 3 (and, frankly, the dragons take a bit of a back seat in what really stands out in the third book), one would think they could come up with a more exciting poster.

But it really doesn't matter in the long run what they come out with throughout the next month. Like I said, we're going to tune in anyway! And it's going to be amaaaaaaazing.

What do you think of this newest Game of Thrones season 3 poster?


Images via HBO

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