Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen Were Totally Made for Each Other

charlie sheen lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen: A match made in ... heaven? Jail? Rehab? Vegas? As it turns out, none of those places. The two will be hooking up on the set of Sheen's hit sitcom, Anger Management -- or at least their "characters" will be: Sheen has apparently hired Lohan to star as herself/Sheen's therapy patient/love interest in an upcoming episode. Now that's what I call "must see TV!"

I'm being totally serious, by the way. Lots of people are wondering WHY Sheen would bother to cast LiLo on his not-exactly-suffering-for-ratings television show -- as an opportunity to pay off that $100 grand loan he contributed to her tax debt, perhaps? But the way I see it, there are only two possible reasons ...


Either Charlie Sheen is slowly gearing up to start a Home for Wayward Celebs or he's secretly/not-so-secretly grooming Lohan to be his next goddess. Or both! (Fingers crossed!)

Look, if there's anybody on this planet who can relate to Lindsay Lohan's spectacularly public screw-ups, it's Charlie Sheen. He could write a best-seller entitled: How to Crash & Burn With Hookers & Blow Like Nobody Ever Crashed & Burned With Hookers & Blow, Lose My Hit TV Show, Go Batshit Crazy, Ease Up Slightly on the Batshit Crazy & Get Another Hit TV Show! Winning? Um, yeah! I don't know how Sheen managed to pull off his "comeback," for lack of a better word, but he sure as hell did -- and a transfusion of tiger blood could be Lindsay's last chance at doing the same.

Do you think Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan were made for each other?


Images via thefixer/Flickr, joella marano/Flickr

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