Prince William Is Giving Kate Middleton's Baby Bump the Kind of Attention Every Dad Should

baby bumpOMG. Just when we thought it was impossible to love him any more than we already do, rumors about Prince William talking and singing to Kate Middleton's baby bump have surfaced, making us swoon yet again.

According to a source who talked to Now magazine, Wills has been singing lullabies to his unborn baby, along with telling his royal bun in the oven "some of the old stories his mother Princess Diana used to make up for him and Harry when they were kids."

(Aww. So sweet and adorable yet so sad at the same time. Sniffle.)


Supposedly he heard that it's never too early to chat with your baby in the womb, so he's made talking and/or singing to Kate's bump a "daily ritual."

Ok, who else is absolutely loving the thought of Prince William with his head on Kate's belly talking and bonding with his baby-to-be? And who else thinks this is something all expectant fathers should do?

Research shows that a baby does hear his mother's voice in utero because it is amplified by her body. And even though it's believed that the baby may not be able to hear his father's voice, moms have reported their babies being responsive when hearing their dads speak, so who knows? (It can't hurt, right?)

Regardless of whether or not the baby can actually hear his dad's voice, getting into the habit of talking to his future child is incredibly beneficial as far as bonding with the baby goes. It helps the father feel close to the child and establishes a connection from early on -- and it's such a great way to make him feel more a part of the pregnancy.

When I was pregnant, my husband always leaned down and "said hello" to our unborn son at least once or twice a day, and it was definitely something that was special for both of us. It was just as important to me for our baby to "hear" his voice as it was for him, and if nothing else, it bonded us as a family unit before our son even arrived. Having him talk to our baby made us feel like a family of three instead of a dad-to-be and a pregnant gal -- and I'm sure Prince William and Kate are feeling the same way.

If the story about him singing and talking to the baby is true, of course. (But let's just pretend it is. It's way too cute to think otherwise.)

Does your husband talk to your baby bump?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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