Taylor Swift & Harry Styles’ Relationship Likely a Publicity Stunt ... But Was Taylor in on the Joke?

taylor swiftExactly zero people shed a tear when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up. In fact, I hear there was dancing in the streets in some parts. "Oh well," the whole world said, "I guess we'll just wait for the tell-all single." Well single me this, then: How do we feel about the new rumor that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' relationship was fake, just a dumb publicity stunt.

Breathless with not-surprisedness, right? Our shock is as deep and real as Swift and Styles' relationship. A biographer writing about Harry, Louisa Jepson (no relation to Carly Rae, I'm sure), claims his One Direction bandmates "went to great lengths to put the two together because she's such a huge star." So really, the only question is, was it mutually fake? Or was it fake only for Harry?


Oh man, that question would make one amazing Taylor Swift song, don't you think? "Ooh, so your publicist called my publicist/ And they scheduled some photo ops with ducks/ I don't miss the fake kisses/ But I kinda miss the fake f---s." I don't even know what fake Taylor Swift means by that.

Anyhoo, if there's anything that get more publicity than Taylor Swift dating someone, it's Taylor Swift breaking up with someone. So I'm sure that was always part of the plan. And by the way, if this relationship was fake, how many of Taylor's other relationships were real? Probably depends on your definition of the word "real," and the word "relationship," and maybe even the word "were."

But to be totally serious (pay attention now, I'm going to stop making fun of Swift for approximately 30 seconds), if this was a fake relationship, I hope at least Swift was in on it. I don't care how annoying she is, I hate to think that anyone would woo her under false pretenses. I'm sure it happens all the time in Celebrity Land, but I still think it's a cruel thing to do to someone else.

If Harry Styles fake-dated Taylor, maybe that explains why she dumped him so quickly. No one fake dates Taylor Swift! She uses YOU for material, not vice-versa! Speaking of which, please tell me One Direction is coming out with a single about Harry's relationship with Taylor. Something about ducks and -- oh, never mind.

Do you believe Taylor and Harry's relationship was fake or do you think it was the real thing?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr

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