Kim Kardashian Dresses Baby Bump in White for Oscars Party & Looks Surprisingly Glamorous (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Oscar partyWhoa! Have you seen the stunning white gown Kim Kardashian wore to Elton John's Oscars viewing party yet? If not, take a good look -- because Kimmy did one hell of a job dressing her baby bump to the nines with this particular number.

She looks glamorous. She's really kind of glowing. And even though white is one of the most unforgiving and toughest shades to pull off -- somehow it showed off Kim's pregnancy curves perfectly.


In fact, I'm digging this look so much that I'm thinking it more than makes up for the hideous black and white cookie frock she stepped out in last week. That particular dress made her look so much bigger than she actually is, to the point where her pregnancy body appeared to double in size overnight.

In a recent magazine interview, Kim said she's planning on wearing tight fitting clothing in lieu of baggier maternity wear because it suits her body type better. And you know what? She's exactly right -- and this Oscars dress proves it.

Kim is petite as it is, so any extra weight she's carrying looks like a lot more than it would on someone who is taller and larger. By sticking to form fitting maternity duds like this dress, she doesn't get lost under a bunch of excess material. She looks like Kim Kardashian, not pregnant Kim Kardashian, which is something every woman who is expecting a baby hopes to maintain -- her identity.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I really didn't look like myself at all -- I looked like an amplified version of myself who wasn't even remotely attractive. And whenever I tried to hop on board with the latest maternity trends and wear something other than jeans, it only made things worse. I felt the best when I stuck to a style I was comfortable with -- and that's obviously what Kim was thinking in choosing her Oscar viewing party dress.

(Now let's just hope she doesn't try anything out-of-the-box from here on out.)

What do you think of Kim's Oscar party look?


Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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