Kim Kardashian's Pants Should Never Be Seen on Any Pregnant Woman, Ever

You've got to hand it to Kim Kardashian. She is not letting impending mommyhood put a dent in her risky fashion style. Sheer blouses, leather, couture with unflattering angles -- no stretch pants and baggy sweatshirts for this pregnant lady.

But these. Pants. Well ... should anyone be wearing them, let alone a pregnant woman? Let's take a closer look, though it pains me to do so.


Kim stepped out the other day in the tight snake skin trousers with the wrap-around ruffle and stiletto heels. Well, I just have to say. Hmm. (I'm thinking.)

Okay, the pants were seriously ill-fitting, for one. For two ... snake skin. Is that back? Was that ever in?

For three, the peplum around the waist. That's a no no on pretty much anyone. Maybe Kate Middleton could get away with it pre-pregnancy. But when you're a few months along and really beginning to show -- WHY draw the eye directly to your waist?

Also the black sweater she paired with the pants -- it's short and rides up her belly. WHY? I know Kim is proud of her butt, but these pants make it look like a lumpy Zeppelin. Sorry, Kim, not everything flatters your ass.

Apparently Kim was on her way to a photo shoot in these things. I'm hoping these pants weren't FOR the shoot? The whole ensemble is just baffling to me. Maybe she wore the pants as a dare or a joke. Could she have baby brain already?

What do you think of these pants?


Image via SplashNews

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