Michelle Obama's Hilarious 'Mom Dancing' Moves Make Her Coolest First Lady Ever (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama

In case you need more proof that Michelle Obama is the coolest First Lady of all time, she solidified her title when she appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to bust some rockin' mom moves. Appearing in the campaign to get moms everywhere to "get moving" with their kids, Michelle and "Mom" Jimmy demonstrated the evolution of the gyrations particular to a certain species of cardigan- and tennis shoes-wearing female with the distinction of having bred one or more small humans. They may not be fashionable. They may not be hip. But they can DANCE, dammit. Oh wait ... maybe not.


Jimmy, appearing in a pink cardigan and beige high-water slacks, and Michelle, in a fluorescent green checkered cardigan, take the viewer on a nostalgic trip down mom moves lane with the "Evolution of Mom Dancing."

The pair demonstrate scary hilarious moves from internationally- (or at least small townie) known dances such as "Go Shopping, Get Groceries," "The Sprinkler," "The 'Where's Your Father? Get Him Back Here!'," "Driving the Station Wagon" and "The Out of Sync Electric Slide." I'm pretty sure Michael Jackson never danced ONE of these.

Yet even with these pathetically embarrassing mom moves, Michelle still somehow manages a dash of funk in her gambols. Not so much for Jimmy.

But seriously, do all moms really dance this badly? What is it about becoming a mom that seeps every bit of jive out of your soul and makes you suddenly jerk around on the dance floor like a crazed marionette? Is it the hormones? The breastfeeding? Oh well, the whole point is to burn calories and have fun, right?

What do you think of Jimmy and Michelle's mom moves? Do you ever do any of these dances? (C'mon, admit it!)

Image via latenight/YouTube

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