Here’s How 'Downton Abbey's Finale Should Have Shocked Us (VIDEO)

downton abbey

This was an especially heartbreaking season for Downton Abbey fans. The British brood and their staff all had their fair share of ups and downs. Still, nothing prepared viewers for the shocking finale.  It was totally unexpected. For those who haven't seen it yet, I won't go into more detail here and I recommend you stop reading now. But for the fans that did tune in -- and weren't happy with what unfolded on the small screen, you will love this video. It is an alternate ending to show, compliments of Conan O'Brien. You gotta check it out!

SPOILER ALERT! Do not keep reading if you have not watched the finale yet!


Fans were absolutely heartbroken at the conclusion of the episode. It brought an end to one of the show's most endearing characters. Deep down, I hope that maybe Lady Mary is having a dream a la Pam Ewing that enabled them to bring Bobby back from the dead on Dallas. Though, I have to say, this alternate version is pretty cool. At the very least, it's infinitely more exciting. No lame car crash.  Conan O'Brien gives the PBS period drama the Hollywood treatment. Basically he turns staid Downton Abbey into something more akin to a Diehard flick. Crazy, right? Just watch:

What do you think of the new ending?

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