Prince Harry & Girlfriend Cressida Bonas Already Have Wedding Plans (Well, Kind Of)

cressida bonasAnyone wondering if Prince Harry's new love interest, Cressida Bonas, is just a fling and/or temporary Chelsy Davy fill-in, rest assured, there's serious romance a'brewin'! If only because now comes word that the pair will be attending a wedding in South Africa together in two weeks. Not just any wedding, mind you. This is a big family affair for Cressida. Her half-sister Isabella Calthorpe (who was rumored to have caught William's eye while he and Kate were on a break several years back) is tying the knot with Virgin tycoon Richard Branson's son, Sam Branson.

Harry's not necessarily going to feel like a complete fish out of water, being that his cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will be there, too. (They are good friends of Sam and his sister Holly.) But he's still reportedly going to be meeting Cressida's family for the first time! See what I mean? MAJOR!


Bringing someone you're seeing to any wedding is a big deal, but to a family wedding is a whole new ballgame. Cressida's undoubtedly going to have some kind of official role in her sister's Big Day. She'll be seated at the head table. Thus, so will Harry! OMG.

Oh, sure, the royals could still play this serious move off like Harry and Cressida are "just good friends," "not moving too fast," "taking things slowly," "share a common social circle, it's no big deal," etc. But any outsider could see right through that ... It might as well be shouted from the Buckingham Palace balcony: Harry's found The One!

As well he should. He'll be 30 in two years, so he can't keep acting like an obnoxious frat boy. And he seems to have hit it off with a beautiful young woman with a blue bood background that couldn't possibly disappoint his grandma, the Queen. And now he's taking a huge gulp and entering the jungle (literally and figuratively) by actually meeting the parents and being Cressida's date to this huge affair.

Let's just not be surprised if the couple ends up making their way down the aisle sooner rather than later!

Could you see Prince Harry having a serious relationship Cressida Bonas?


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