7 Scariest Celebrity Burglary Stories You Will Ever Hear

Ericka Sóuter | Feb 22, 2013 Celebrities

rihannaSuperstardom guarantees three things: money, paparazzi, and stalkers. Just ask Rihanna. A burglar was arrested near her Southern California home on Thursday night. Originally there were reports that the man had actually entered her house, but now it seems he broke into the place next door believing it was the "S.O.S." singer's. No telling what he would have done if he had found her. It's a bone-chilling thought. The intruder's mistake was a lucky break for Rihanna, but other stars haven't been so fortunate. Many have caught these creepy crooks in the act, putting their lives at risk. Check out the scariest celebrity burglary stories of all time.


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  • Halle Berry


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    The Oscar winner was relaxing at home the first time time her stalker tried to enter. She promptly called the cops, but he fled before they arrived. Less than 24 hours later, he was back, trying to jump over the outer wall, but escaped capture again. The next day, he was back for a third attempt and ultimately arrested trying to get into the back of her house.

  • Nicolas Cage


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    At 2 a.m., the actor and his wife suddenly awoke to find a naked man wearing one of Cage's leather coats and eating a Fudgesicle in front of his bed. His 2-year-old was in another room at the time. Luckily, he was able to talk the man out of the house and the cops eventually showed up. He opted not to press charges against the intruder who he said had mental problems. But after the freaky incident, Cage moved from that Orange County home to the Bahamas.

  • Madonna


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    The Material Mom is no stranger to stalkers. In 1995, her bodyguards had to shoot a guy scaling the walls of her Hollywood home. In a more recent break-in, a man got into the home she once shared with Guy Ritchie and tried on her ex's clothes and tripped the alarm in the process. Madonna wasn't home at the time, but the man creepily crouched in a cupboard and alluded police. He was later caught roaming around another home nearby.

  • Prince


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    In 2009, a young, aspiring pop singer crawled under a fence to get to Prince at his home. After she handed him her demo tape, his bodyguards tossed her out. The wannabe star? None other than Ke$ha.

  • Pamela Anderson


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    The former Baywatch Babe kept noticing bread, clothing, and other things missing from her house, but just blamed it on being a forgetful, busy mom of two. Turns out a woman had been staying in a guest room for days.

  • Alex Trebek


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    The Jeopardy host acted more like an action hero when he reportedly chased a burglar out of his hotel room. In the process, he tore his Achilles tendon.

  • LL Cool J


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    When a homeless man broke into the rapper-turned-actor's home, he punched the guy -- breaking his nose -- and subdued him until the cops arrived. Well, as the song goes, "Mama Said Knock You Out."

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