Kim Kardsahian vs. Snooki: Who Has the Better Pregnancy Boobs? (PHOTOS)

snookiWhen two of the world's biggest reality stars become pregnant, one thing comes to mind: a pregnancy boob showdown. Even though Jersey Shore star Snooki and Keeping Up star Kim Kardashian were never pregnant at the same time (Snooki gave birth months ago and Kim's bun is still in the oven) it doesn't mean we can't stare at their chests and decide, once and for all, who has the better baby baking rack.

In the first corner! Coming in at 4'8" and weighing something really light these days, we've got Snooki! And in the second corner ...


Coming in at 5'2" and weighing something extra with all that amazing junk in the trunk, we've got Kimmie!

So, whose pregnancy boobs are better? Wetpaint asked fans to decide, and you might be surprised to learn that 57 percent of voters said that Snooki has the better baby boobies.

I suppose people only want what they can handle because, wow, Kim's seem so large that they're almost unruly. And this is only the beginning of her second trimester! Give those things four months and look out world. Look kardashian

Because if Kim's awe-inspiring ass is any indication, her voluptuous body parts will just continue to grow, and grow, and grow ...

Snooki should feel proud, though, of this win. Being pitted against one of the hottest women in the universe is not easy, and coming out victorious is even harder still.

Props to Snooki's pregnancy boobs. May they be remembered and ogled forever and ever.

Who do you think wins the competition?


Photo via Snooki/Twitter; kimkardashian/Instagram

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