Kim Kardashian May Have Cheated on Kris Humphries but It's Not Her Fault

kim kardashianThe latest twist in the Kardashian divorce drama? Apparently, Kim's friends have spilled the beans that even before she officially broke up with estranged husband Kris Humphries, while they were still living together, she was hooking up with Kanye West. This according to Star magazine, of course, so take it as you will ...

Their "insider" says that although Kim has been asserting the relationship with Kanye didn't begin until well after she and Kris called it quits, "Kim actually had sex with Kanye while she was still with Kris. ... She kept her relationship with Kanye a secret until March (2012), but all her friends say she was cheating on Kris with him." Actually, considering that Kim and Kanye's flirtations go way back to before she even met Kris, this is believable. But is it really as malicious as the tabloid makes it out to be?


I really don't think so. Who goes into a marriage thinking that weeks, months, years later, they'll be cheating? We tend to think of relationships in these very definitive, clear-as-day starting point and finish line terms, when that's really not necessarily how they work.

All right, of course, it's technically cheating when you're married or in a committed relationship with a guy and having sex with another. But there's still a lot of gray area with this subject that we refuse to accept in our culture! Like how sometimes relationships fall apart over time and are done well before they're officially "declared" as such. And sometimes, they were never right, and a marriage should have never happened in the first place (cough, I'm looking at you, Kris Jenner!). Also, anyone else remember how Kim and Kris were rarely living in the same state during their short-lived marriage?

The reality is that it can be difficult for some couples to avoid "overlap" depending on the circumstances of their failing relationship. Not that I'm making excuses for how any of this shook out. I just don't think we necessarily know exactly what Kim was doing or why she was doing it while she was miserably married to Kris. And analyzing it now really shouldn't change anything -- except maybe how this long, nasty divorce finally gets settled.

How do you feel about "overlap" in relationships: Total no-no or the nature of the beast?


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