6 Heart-Stopping Vampire Facts From the Internet (So You Know They're True)

true blood vampiresWhen it comes to vampires, separating fact from fiction can be quite a challenge. I mean, it's not like you can go to college and get a degree in Vampire Studies (you can't, right?) or consult a Certified Vampireologist when you want your questions answered. Like, do some vampires really sparkle? Is it true that they can't enter your home unless you invite them? What size shoe does Alexander Skarsgard wear, anyway? (Who said that?!)

For now, the Internet is the only place where inquiring minds can go to find facts on these incredible immortal beings. Good thing we know everything on the web is true!! Here are 6 heart-stopping vampire facts we found online, brought to you by easy-on-the-eyes fangers including Robert Pattinson, Bill Moyer, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kellen Lutz, and of course, Alexander Skarsgard ....

Image via HBO

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