Kristen Stewart Went Out With Robert Pattinson's Best Friend -- Is She Kidding?!

kristin stewartI don't know how to break this to you guys, but ... Kristen Stewart apparently ... went out for dinner. As in, ate a meal in public. With Robert Pattinson's best friend. At one of Robert Pattinson's favorite restaurants. Oh. My. God. Does the girl have NO SHAME?! 

Even if KStew does consider herself single again, that doesn't mean she gets to STOP considering her ex-boyfriend's feelings overnight. I mean, Rob's best buddy? That's a low blow, girlfriend. I tell you what, I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that Kristen was wearing Rob's underwear at the time. Trampire, indeed!!

It would be one thing if KStew went out to dinner with Rob's friend AND a whole bunch of other people, like in a big group. Especially if there was a reason, like a mutual friend was having a birthday or some -- wait, what? Ohhhhhh.


Apparently that's exactly what happened. Kristen Stewart went out on the town with Robert Pattinson's pal Marcus Foster, his bandmates Jack Standen, Suzie and CJ for "what appeared to be a birthday celebration for her BFF Scout Taylor Compton at En Sushi in Los Feliz."

Ohhhhhh. Well, that's another kettle of fish entirely. (That IS an expression, right?) Anyway, if Kristen wasn't insensitive-ly moving in on Rob's bro, then she was actually being a super good friend, is what she was doing. Because we all know how uncomfortable and sad it is to hang out with friends you share with your BF post-split. It's just a big bowl of suck.

So, sorry I called you a Trampire, Kristen.

Do you think Kristen Stewart was trying to move in on Robert Pattinson's best friend?


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