'The Walking Dead' Preview: Andrea Better Not Screw This Up! (VIDEO)

andrea walking deadOh, Andrea! Everybody's got a bad feeling about tonight's episode of
The Walking Dead  "I Ain't a Judas," and that bad feeling is named Andrea. She's the wild card, what with her conflicting loyalties and emotions and confused, self-righteous annoyingness. How she can possibly find the Governor anything even close to attractive is beyond me -- I mean, I get that it's been awhile and all that, but seriously?? Anyway, tonight she's got a big decision to make. SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!


Okay, so I don't blame the prison camp for not exactly welcoming her with open arms. Why should they trust her? Rumor has it some members are more kindly to their long-lost pal than others -- naturally Carol is gonna be all nicey-nice. BUT who woulda thought Carol would be the one to suggest Andrea go back to Woodbury, make out with the Governor and then kill him in his sleep??

Go, Carol!

I have a feeling Andrea's gonna wimp out on this one, though. Watch this clip:

Oh, Andrea.

Do you think Andrea has it in her to kill the Governor?

Image via KickAsshTV/YouTube

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