‘Glee’s Jane Lynch Lands Role as Everyone’s Favorite Alcoholic Kid Hater & She’s Going to Rock It (VIDEOS)

Sue SylvesterHey Glee fans, here's some news that might convince you to finally book that trip to NYC. Jane Lynch is set to make her Broadway debut, and the role she's been cast in is so perfect, you really won't be able to contain your ... um, glee (oh hush).

But she's only going to be starring on the show for eight weeks, from May 16 to July 14, so you better buy your tickets as soon as you can. Because seeing Jane Lynch, aka Sue Sylvester, right there in front of you performing in person is every Gleek's dream come true. I mean, will she have to wear a tracksuit for this role too?

Probably not, but she is taking on an iconic character that she grew up watching one of her idols, Carol Burnett, play in the movie version of the musical. All right, enough teasing. Have you guessed the role yet?


Yep, she'll be playing Miss Hannigan in the Annie revival! C'mon, it was as if the part were written for Lynch herself.

"I'm so thrilled I can't see straight," the actress said. "It's a preposterous fantasy come true."

Instead of being mean to Cheerios and glee club members, she'll get to be cruel to little orphan girls! Think that a couple of the amazing, hilarious one-liners from Glee might be thrown in there as a nod to the fans of the show? That would be fun to watch, though that might make hardcore lovers of Annie vomit in their mouths a little bit. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Also, the revival of Annie currently stars Lilla Crawford as Annie and Anthony Warlow as Daddy Warbucks (one of the most awesome Australian singers ever to grace the stage). With the addition of Lynch, this could be one of the best musicals to go see on Broadway this spring and summer. If only tickets weren't so damn expensive ...

In the meantime, for a taste of things to come, here's Jane performing a song from Fiddler on the Roof, alongside Kate Flannery, the crazy alcoholic redhead from The Office:

And for the heck of it, here's Jane singing the Guatemalan love song from 40 Year Old Virgin (yeah, of course there's NSFW language):

What do you think about Jane Lynch making her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan?


Image via FOX

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