Justin Bieber's Rumored New Girlfriend May Explain Why He Dumped Selena Gomez

ellenpage roberts-clarkeEvery time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez call it quits, rumors fly that the Biebs has found himself a new girlfriend. Whether or not it's official news is completely up in the air, of course, but it sounds like his latest possible love interest might be none other than British singer/songwriter/model (of course she's all three) 17-year-old Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke.

The alleged couple was spied at the Justin Timberlake concert after the BRIT Awards yesterday night, and sources say they may have met through mutual friends. Paparazzi didn't actually nab a pic of them together, but they were supposedly very obviously on a date. Except ... Pattie Mallette may have also been present, but the Biebs bringing mommy along to chaperone doesn't sound out of the question.

At any rate, who is this supposed new flame and could she have anything on JB's ex?!


Doubtful. It looks like she's very much an up-and-comer who admits on her Facebook page that she's still trying to break into the music biz. She does have a YouTube channel and a pretty barebones Tumblr ... Oh yeah, also 14K followers on Twitter -- not bad! But it's painfully clear Ellapaige is no Selena Gomez.

Don't get me wrong. She seems perfectly lovely, but if Biebs really is moving on with someone like this, someone he could be more of a mentor than a peer to, it's not so wild to guess that maybe he wasn't exactly comfortable with his ex's success? Perhaps there was some not-so-healthy career competition there? Maybe Justin just can't handle being with a woman whose achievements easily meet or beat his own.

Hey, I wouldn't put it past the guy. He is still very young and seemingly headstrong, and oh yeah, more than a bit cocky. That said, maybe a 17-year-old without much experience in the biz is the perfect match for him right now. But for now, we'll just have to wait and see if they're the real deal.

What do you think about JB's supposed new girlfriend?


Image via Optic Photos, PacificCoastNews.com

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