Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Email to Alec Baldwin Will Leave You Seriously Confuzzled

Shia LaBeoufWe all knew Alec Baldwin was hotheaded -- especially if you're a photographer. But is he just as hard to get along with if you're a costar? Shia LaBeouf, who was set to make his Broadway debut in a play that also starred Alec "Look at me and I'll punch you" Baldwin, might have something to say about that. Shia just quit the play Orphans because of what was originally chalked up to the standard "creative differences." But Shia then exposed an email between him, Alec, and the play's director. And what came out sounds like a whole lotta Real Housewifey sewing circle drama.


After word went around that Shia had quit the play for "creative differences," he tweeted a link to an email. (Dude, so rude to tweet your private emails!) In it, he says, "Alec, I'm sorry for my part of a disagreeable situation," and also goes on to say a bunch of other things, some of them a tad, uh, LaBeouzarre. Some highlights:

- "My dad was a drug dealer. He was a shit human. But he was a man ... What I know of men, Alec is."

(Umm. Thanks?!)

- "Some mistakes, though, [a man] lets pass if no one notices. Like dropping the steak in the dirt."

(Word to the wise: Don't eat at Shia's house.)

- "[A man] can apologize, sometimes if it's even just to put an end to the bickering."

(Err. That's not really an apology.)

Then director Daniel Sullivan replied (you can almost hear him sighing through cyberspace):

I'm too old for disagreeable situations. You're one hell of a great actor. Alec is who he is. You are who you are. You are incompatible. I should have known it ... You tried to warn me, you said you were a different breed. I didn't get it.

I would have loved to have seen what led up to these emails. Whatever happened, I'm sure it was all Alec's fault. I hope Shia writes a play about it. Or just some more weird emails.

What do you think of Shia's email? Kinda nutty? Wouldn't Alec make anyone nutty?


Image via Simon Davison/Flickr

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