Kris Jenner Is Totally to Blame for Kim Kardashian's Ridiculous Marriage

kris jenner on cover of us weeklyKris Jenner must been getting so much grief for being a control-freaky momager that she's done a new interview with Us Weekly that reads like an attempt at damage control. She tries to defend herself to the magazine, explaining that she never pushed her kids into doing reality TV. Instead, when she first filmed an audition reel and sent it to Ryan Seacrest, she says, "My family could have said, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ But everyone was excited!"

Okay, I buy that ... But was Kim Kardashian excited when her mom-operating-as-manager pretty much forced her to do a big fat reality show wedding special? Does it seem like Khloe's been thrilled about being pushed to put her marriage on display for Khloe & Lamar? All signs point to ... no way.


Although Kim has been criticized for turning her personal life into pure entertainment and ultimately making a mockery of marriage, it was Kris who signed the deal with E! for the two-night TV special, sold the wedding pics for $1.5 mil., and in turn, may have made Kim feel like the wedding was "a fast roller coaster" she couldn't get off. Yes, she's an adult capable of making her decisions, but it really sounds like Kris wasn't doing her any favors by supporting her from more of a business standpoint than a personal, emotional one.

Similarly, Khloe confessed that she wanted to marry Lamar at the courthouse, but Kris "is the one who wanted a wedding." What the heck ...?

My heart really does go out to both of them, because any bride can tell you she wants her mom's advice and/or approval on many things related to her Big Day. And when you don't get it, because your mom really doesn't approve or is pushing for something entirely different (like a huge gala vs. goin' to Town Hall), it can cause a helluva lot of stress. And even heartache.

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You'd want to believe your own mom has your best interest at heart when she disagrees with you on a dress, the menu, the venue (or you know, choosing whether or not to turn the whole affair into a media circus). But they're only human, and it's possible that sometimes their opinions end up being based on looking out for #1 ...

At least that seems to be what happened with Kris. Here's hoping she realizes putting her daughters' happiness before a big pay day is what will ultimately earn everyone the biggest success.

How much influence did your mom have over your wedding?


Image via US Weekly

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