Prince Harry Dating Cressida Bonas: 5 Things to Know About His Royally Hot New Ladyfriend

cressida bonasLadies, get out your grandmas' hankies: Prince Harry is officially off the market. The third in line to the throne is so off the market, in fact, that he was recently seen, and photographed (obvs), getting super cozy with his new girlfriend -- Cressida Bonas -- during a recent trip to Switzerland. Sigh. Another prince snatched up before our very common eyes.

But enough brooding. Let's celebrate Prince Harry's new romance. And moreover, let's stalk. Who is Cressida Bonas? (Besides someone who bares a slight resemblance to Chelsy Davy?) Here are 5 things to know about Harry's hot new ladyfriend.


1. She's friends with Harry's cousin. Actually, the way Cressida and Harry met is through Princess Eugenie -- the two women are friends. And this is a big plus for Harry, as that means Cressida has already reportedly "passed the test of being discreet".

2. She's from "fancy" lineage. Cressida Bonas is no random girl, friends. No, no, no. Her father isn't a king, but he is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who studied at Harrow and Oxford; and her mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon, a '60s "It" girl and an heir to the incredibly wealthy Curzon banking family.

3. Prince William had a crush on her sister. Could make things a tad awkward. Cressida's half-sister, actress Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (who's currently engaged to Richard Branson's son, Sam), was supposedly an unrequited crush of Prince William's back in his pre-Kate Middleton days (at least, according to British tabloids, she was). Imagine that -- Prince William actually had unrequited crushes.

4. She's more than just a pretty face. In addition to being a model and actress, Bonas graduated from Leeds University with a degree in dance.

5. She and Prince Harry have supposedly been dating since May. (Yes, during the whole Vegas debacle.) The two were reportedly just casual then, and have only gotten serious in recent months, but still -- who knew it was possible to keep a royal secret?

Are you bummed Prince Harry's off the market?


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