Mindy McCready’s 'Heartbreaking' Pre-Suicide Phone Call Should NEVER Have Been Made Public

Mindy McCreadySometimes I really just want to resign from the human race. RadarOnline has posted a recording of what they are calling a "heartbreaking conversation" that Mindy McCready had with her "longtime friend" Danno Hanks a few weeks before she killed her dog and shot herself in the head.

Um, Danno? Buddy? WHY IN THE WORLD did you record that phone call -- and how did it end up on a salacious gossip website for the entire world to hear? Please tell me he didn't get paid for it, because it’s gross enough that Radar is going to make advertising dollars from the traffic it will generate. Is ANYONE thinking about the fact that McCready left behind two little boys who have lost their mother in a particularly terrible way, and who don’t need to be able to one day listen to recordings of her darkest moments? 


In the phone call, which I refuse to listen to, McCready apparently shares her devastation over the loss of her boyfriend David Wilson, who took his own life a few weeks before McCready did.

“[The] point of me living is waiting to die so I can be with him,” McCready says. Truly, that breaks my heart -- it’s obvious from the rest of the transcript, which I couldn't help but skim, that McCready blamed herself for not stopping Wilson’s suicide. Heartbreaking all around.

Listen, Stir readers -- I don’t blame you if you find the recording and click play. After all, I clicked the link and read the article. Suicide is something that unfortunately hits very close to home for me. I know that on a deeper level, there’s something about learning the intimate details of someone else’s pain that can help us, in a way, with our own pain. And, of course, lofty sentiments aside, we are human beings after all, and there’s something about being human that makes us slow down and rubberneck at traffic accidents instead of averting our eyes and driving quickly away. I get it.

But there’s no way in hell I’ll be listening to the actual recording, and I hope you won’t either. Think of it as one small act that can’t even really be measured in any tangible way, against the exploitation of a poor, lost soul. Though there are a LOT of gray areas in this strange world we live in today, when people like me can make a living, in part, by sharing and commenting on celebrity gossip, there are lines that just shouldn't be crossed. No one should have made that recording public. But you know what? I hope at the very least some good comes out of this gross maneuver. Maybe someone who needs it will see the information that Radar, in all their upstanding glory, included at the bottom of their article, after displaying the tormented words of a dead woman to the world:

If you, or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please immediately seek help – you can speak with a skilled, trained counselor at a national Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7 – call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Now THAT’s a message worth sharing.

What do you think about this very personal phone call being made public?

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