Nasty Vamps in 'Kiss of the Damned' Could Bring the Undead Sexy Back (VIDEO)

kiss of the damnedThere are vampires and there are vampires ... and then there are vampires. There are Twilight vampires and there are True Blood vampires ... and then there are these vampires, from the upcoming movie Kiss of the Damned. They're not romantic like Edward and Bella and they sure as hell don't sparkle. They DO have lots of raunchy, violent sex like Bon Temps' resident vamps -- but they DON'T have crushes on humans or let frumpy witches stand in their way. These vampires are funky and dirty and ruthless. These vampires are badass. Which makes sense, considering the movie's director is Xan Cassavetes (yup, of the Cassavetes film dynasty).


Aficionados of vampire cinema (and/or old people like me) might be reminded of The Hunger starring Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie.

Check out the clip and you'll see what I mean -- at least about the raunchy sex, if nothing else. These vamps have some serious swagger!

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Image via joblomovienetwork/YouTube

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