Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Could Have Awkward Encounter at Awards Show

Isn't it totally excruciatingly awkward when you're fresh off an unpleasant breakup but you absolutely, positively have to be somewhere that your ex is also going to be? Like maybe your cousin's wedding (Your cousin loves your ex! You couldn't demand he not go!) or a mutual friend's birthday party -- orrrrr a big awards show? If you're former lovebirds Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, then the Brit Awards is like your cousin's wedding and mutual friend's birthday party combined. They are the music awards of the British industry, and MUCH more fun than the Grammys. (Please how I wish they'd air them here!) There's no way that Brit Harry isn't going to go just because ol' Tays is gonna be there. But harrumph! Tays ain't gonna bail and disappoint her Brit fans neither! Aw mah Gah. They're BOTH gonna go, people! Wahh wahh wahh sound awkward ex encounter alarm!!


Sources say that Brit Award organizers are going out of their way to ensure that Taylor and Harry don't run into each other backstage, because if they did, it could cause Breakupageddon. Says a source:

No one wants anything awkward to happen. Taylor and Harry are definitely being kept well apart. The [One Direction] dressing room is well-hidden too, so if Taylor did want to find Harry and smooth things over, she’d have to do some serious looking before she’d find him.

How terrifying interesting that people actually have to hide Harry from Taylor just in case she, you know, wants to (cough) "smooth things over." (Ack!) I hear former CIA operatives were lured out of retirement to map out the "Taylor/Harry Avoidance Plan."

I have some advice for Taylor and Harry -- just in case those two former love-birds do happen to run into each other. And this advice goes for anyone hoping to make a run-in with the ex as painless as possible.

- No postmortems. Now is not the time to rehash your relationship, who did what, who hurt who. For folks like Taylor and Harry, anything they say will end up in the press. For the rest of us, just all over town.

- Easy on the booze. Getting drunk is bound to melt your verbal filter clean away -- so when/if you do meet up, you're probably going to say a few things you'll regret. Getting crapfaced is very tempting right now. But don't do it. Or do it later, after your ex is gone!

- Don't play games. Trying to make your ex jealous by bringing a new flame to the event and flaunting him/her. This is as transparent and pathetic-looking as it gets.

- Be polite. There's no way you can really lose if you're polite to your ex, and keep it short and sweet. You can let it all out later in song. Like Taylor does.

- Don't hook up. Just ... yeah. Trust me on that one.

Have you ever had an awkward run-in with your ex?

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