'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Deleted Scene Will Be Released & Sounds Worth Waiting For (VIDEO)

cullens charge battle scene breaking dawn: part 2Although the process of making Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was serious business, the cast was able to mix it up from time to time. (And I'm not just talking about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sneaking in the occasional make-out sesh.) In fact, it was revealed back during filming of the flick that the actors on the Cullen clan side conspired behind director Bill Condon's back to perform a "dance-off" ... during the shooting of the battle scene! Amaaazing.

Some Twi-Hards hoped the footage would make it into theaters -- during the credits or after the credits where bloopers usually go -- but when that didn't happen, they turned their attention to the DVD's behind-the-scenes features. Looks like it'll most definitely be included there, but a sneak peek's also on YouTube -- now!

Check it out ...


How fun, right? I love what actress Maggie Grace (Irina) had to say to VH1 about where the idea came from ...

We needed the morale boost, I think, to unite us all in vampirehood and joy.

Ha, cute! I'm sure that was well-deserved after such a loooong shoot. By the way, you can't necessarily tell in the above clip, but the dance was performed to the '80s tune "Sweet Dreams" by The Eurythmics, according to Mia Maestro, who played Carmen of the Denali coven and was the organizer of the dance-off. Though she also gave credit to everyone who participated in making the "group effort" happen.

Can't wait to see the polished, final performance on the DVD!

What are you most psyched to see on the BD: Part 2 DVD?


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