Kim Kardashian's 'Vampire Facelift' Might Be the Reason She Isn't Aging

Kim Kardashian When I first heard the rumor about Kim Kardashian having a vampire facelift to make herself look younger, my first thought was, "What the heck is a vampire facelift? Is that where you watch Twilight while getting Botox or something like that?"

Yeah -- not quite. As it turns out, this is an actual cosmetic procedure in which your blood is literally sucked out of your face and then components are injected back in again in the hopes of smoothing wrinkles, boosting the production of new blood cells and collagen, and making the skin look, well -- younger and more supple.


Seriously, people. Women are willingly having their blood extracted, and apparently Kim is a huge fan and "swears by the procedure."

Huh. Really? Kim's already getting face lifts at 32? I'm not sure that I'm buying that theory.

I mean, I know there was that one time when she was photographed looking all red and puffy, so I guess it's possible that she was getting her vampire face lift on. (Or maybe she was getting a teensy bit of Botox?)

Over the past few years, Kim doesn't really appear to have aged very much, so I guess that's one argument in the vampire facelift's favor. But couldn't it be that the reason Kim doesn't appear to have aged is because she hasn't? Just because she looks youthful at 32 doesn't necessarily mean she's resorted to something as extreme as blood sucking. (Gah.)

But if she has, she may want to think twice about keeping up with the procedure from here on out, especially now that she's pregnant. If I were her, I'd be pretty hesitant to get any sort of substance, natural or not, injected into my body without knowing for sure that it's 100 percent safe. (Actually, I'm hesitant regarless of pregnancy.)

Besides, like any other cosmetic filler, the vampire facelift isn't a one-time solution. You supposedly have to keep up with getting them since they eventually wear off, just like Botox. Who wants to have their blood sucked out of their face on a regular basis?

Do you think Kim had a vampire facelift? Would you get one?


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