Jenelle Evans & Gary Head Officially Back Together & This Isn’t Going to End Well

Jenelle Evans and Gary HeadIt hurts my heart to say that everything about Jenelle Evans' life has been all-too predictable over the past few months. She rushed into things with husband Courtland Rogers and then announced (as many of us expected) that they were pregnant. After too much drama and breaking things off with Courtland, the Teen Mom immediately found comfort in the arms of ex-boyfriend Gary Head. After a sweet Valentine's Day, the couple has now come out as official. Sounds like a Lifetime movie. A really bad one.

Gary posted to Twitter just the other day that he's "trying to pick up where he left off with Jenelle," and I just can't help but be nervous. Hello, this is the man who allegedly tried to strangle Jenelle with a bed sheet last June. The same guy who she took out a restraining order against since last August.

Someone. ANYONE. Explain to me which part of any of this seems logical, please?


He allegedly tried to STRANGLE YOU. That's not just saying something out of line. That's not "accidentally" making out with another woman while intoxicated. That is definitely NOT a playful shove. If it really happened, that's a full-on choke hold I may kill you move.

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With that said, something tells me that getting back together is all about the publicity for the both of them. Jenelle even tweeted the other day that it takes the two of them longer to eat a meal because they're so busy on social media Tweeting, Facebooking, and everything else. That alone should be an indicator to her that she needs to fall back, get away from the media, and take some time for herself. Until she does, I don't think she'll find a man who isn't at least somewhat interested in sharing her spotlight. 

One thing's for sure: That last thing any of her fans (or her) want is for her to be back in court again pressing assault charges. Heck, she's been there enough times in the last year as it is. 

Do you think Jenelle's making a mistake by getting back together with Gary?


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