Kim Kardashian Turns Into Sexy Beach Goddess & Plays the Drums in Bizarre Photo Shoot

kim kardashianDo you think there's a part of Kim Kardashian that just wants to get as many photo shoots in before the baby comes as possible, just in case, I don't know, it takes her a while to get her body back to her standard of perfection? I mean, why else would she agree to dress up like a Tahitian princess for DuJour magazine. There's no other way to put this -- the photos are just random.

One minute she's a mouth-breathing drummer, the next she's forcing a sultry, eyes shut, stare-off-into-the-distance face, and the next she's all, check out my black pearl soul patch and chin strap.


Not to mention that none of the photos highlight or even hint at her small but growing baby bump. The only suggestion we get that she's even pregnant is the fact that she looks like she's got a head cold. Kim appears so stuffed up, it's as if at any moment her eyes will start watering, she'll have an epic sneeze, and snot will flow forth like the waterfall she's pretending to have fun in on set. 

Plus, there's the undeniable pregnancy truth that her breasts look swollen, or rather, engorged.

We know that Kanye West likes his Kimmie without her usual pounds of cosmetics, so maybe he influenced this allegedly au naturel shoot.

But by far my most favorite thing about this DuJour spread is that the copy for the cover photo reads: "A hopeless romantic in a cynical age, everywoman Kim is impossible to define."

A hopeless romantic. Everywoman. I can't.

What do you think of Kim's spread for DuJour?


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