Kristen Stewart Crowned Least Sexy Actress & We Bet RPattz Would Beg to Differ

kristen stewartKristen Stewart's life is so hard. If she's not busy counting her money, I'm sure she's busy getting paid to do what she loves, with a massage or two thrown in for good measure. The latest plight on KStew's life is this report that puts her on top of a poll that ranked Hollywood's least sexiest stars. Wait. Least sexiest? Oh. That's actually like, not that awesome an honor.

According to a U.K. website, Kristen was voted the least sexiest star by British men. Sarah Jessica Parker was second, and Lindsay Lohan was third.

So, wait. You're telling me that the highest paid actress in Hollywood has the least amount of sex appeal in the business?


That just doesn't add up. In fact, it's hurting my brain.

Because if she's the most successful, but also the least sexually appealing, than that leaves only a few options for her rise to the top.

Since I just don't believe that her talent is responsible for her wildly huge paychecks, is it the access we have to her dramatic personal life that makes her the top earner? I mean, she did release a statement to People admitting she cheated -- most stars would deny, deny, deny, enter sex rehab, date James Franco, then refuse to comment on any allegations. Kristen laid it all out there for everyone. People kind of love her for that.

So ... is being a mildly talented, unsexy open book the recipe for success? Taylor Lautner might have a shot in this world, after all.

In all fairness to KStew, though, I think there's something wrong with the survey. She might not be sexy to some people, but she's not the least sexy. If she were so unappealing, why would "Kristen Stewart topless" have over 16 million results on Google? I don't think guys are checking out those photos to make sure her moles aren't pre-cancerous or anything.

The good news is, I bet Kristen couldn't give two unsexy shits that she's topped this less than favorable list. With a smirk like hers, pretty sure nothing's capable of getting to her.

Do you find Kristen Stewart sexy?


Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty

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