Britney Spears Is Dating -- Gasp! -- A Regular Dude

Britney SpearsDon't cry for Britney Spears. Despite the fact that she split with longtime boyfriendager Jason Trawick, girlfriend reportedly had a hot date for Valentine's Day. She had dinner with a mystery guy and then played some golf with him over the weekend. So who is the new guy in Brit's life? Singer? Actor? Record label owner? Nope. Apparently, he's named David and he does "field research" for a law firm. Woah. Brit is, like, dating a regular dude.


According to TMZ, Brit was seen having a V-D day dinner with her new man and then they played some golf. The dude, David, loves golf and Britney wanted to learn it too. They apparently met through friends, and the guy is not rich. He took her out to a sushi meal that came to a whopping $60. And he paid. (Well, I'd hope so!)

Britney has never been one to shy away from romancing civilians -- remember when she bafflingly was dating that paparazzo with the soul patch? And who was that dude she married? Some guy she knew from high school. Oh, and that other dude she married. Kevin Federline. A back-up dancer. So, you know, other than Justin Timberlake, Britney's usually gone for the regular bros.

Should she though? I like the idea in theory -- but none of those other relationships worked out and maybe it was because Brit started to feel used after awhile? Maybe she got sick of paying for everything? It's one thing to pick up the $60 dinner tab -- another to pay for the holiday trip to St. Bart's. So, eventually, provided Britney wants to keep living like a star -- she's going to have to start paying. Because a guy who does field research is not going to be able to keep up -- financially speaking.

On the other hand, there's only so many celebrity guys to go around -- and they've got their own issues. Must be tough being a celebrity and trying to date. You can only imagine Brit and David's get-to-know-you coffee: "So ... uhh ... Britney, is it? I read something about shaving your head? And some kind of breakdown?" On the other hand, they could always bring the convo back to her grocery list.

But I give Brit props for continuing to try and date the regular folk. God knows that ain't always easy either.

What do you think about Britney dating a regular dude?

Image via PeterCruise/Flickr

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