Robert Pattinson & Liberty Ross Might Be Hooking Up: 8 Reasons We Hope It's True

Robert PattinsonOh, come on -- we all knew it was only a matter of time before rumors started flying about Robert Pattinson hooking up with Liberty Ross, right? I mean, talk about these two getting together to wallow in their respective misery and (ahem) cry on each other's shoulders was pretty much inevitable from the moment the news broke that Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders had done some scandalous cheatin'.

And now that there's also quite a bit of speculation that Rob and Kristen's relationship is hanging on by a thread, now is the perfect time for him to give Liberty Ross a ring and give things a go, right? Well, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the British tabloid, The Sun, claims he is already thinking about seeing her in the near future.


Yep, supposedly Rob and Liberty are "keen to meet up when they're both in London in March."

And we all know what "meet up" means, right? Duh, if this little rendezvous happens, somehow I'm guessing their primary goal won't be a few hours of innocent chit-chatting.

OMG, people. Out of all the possible rumors we really want to come true, this one takes the cake. I'm loving the idea of a Liberty/Rob love connection.

And here are eight reasons why.

  1. It's the ultimate revenge on Kristen and Rupert. The end.
  2. Rob's been with Kristen for so long, it's about time he tried an older woman on for size.
  3. It will help both of them get closure. What better way to close the door on their previous relationships than to move on with each other?
  4. It'll be hot. It just will. Those of us who live vicariously through various celebrities can't resist the thought of them together.
  5. Kristen will go absolutely nuts. Considering what a big deal she's apparently making about Rob not calling her enough from Australia, she'll go ballistic if he hooks up with Liberty. (And that will be really fun to read about.)
  6. It'll be an even bigger story than the Rupert Sanders cheating one. Pure entertainment. (Awesome.)
  7. A hookup could potentially put Rob and Liberty on a course to become Hollywood's biggest power couple. (Watch out, Brangelina.)
  8. They deserve each other. The only people who truly understand what they've been through are the two of them, so they might as well get it on and enjoy each other thoroughly.

What do you think? Should Rob and Liberty hook up?


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