Kim Kardashian Apparently Really Wants to Hook Up With ... Herself

kim kardashian kourtney and kim take miamiSure, she's got the stress of her divorce and she's sure to have her hands full with her pregnancy, but overall, Kim Kardashian is living such a big, crazy, glitzy life these days, most of us couldn't imagine why she would want to be living it any differently. Nonetheless, during a photoshoot for UK Cosmopolitan magazine, Kim and Khloe discussed filling out the magazine's questionnaire and in particular, what Kim would do if she were a man for the day. Ha, you know, just one of those random, silly Qs, the kind that Beyonce occasionally sings about.

But while both might be in relationships with hip-hop royalty, Kim's game plan "if she were a boy" was kiiinda different from Bey's. She said, "If I was a man, I would want to know what it's like to have sex with myself. I would just want to know what it would feel like." Uh ... huh!


Okay, sure, this is one of those moments when you can't help but snicker and maybe even roll your eyes at Kim, because of course that comment initially comes off as crazy narcissistic! But, at the same time, it's also an interesting reflection of how confident Kim is about her sexuality.

No, it's not exactly a newsflash. The woman starred in a world famous sex tape and is perfectly comfortable flaunting her fab body in everything from revealing couture to super-sexy bikinis. But that's just surface-level ...

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Beneath that, I get the impression from her recent comments that Kim's got really healthy self-esteem and a concrete self-identity when it comes to her sexuality. Come on, you'd have to to want to have sex with yourself! Ha. And yet, that's something more of us could aspire to have.

No, really. It's sad, but we're so conditioned by society to be self-conscious about how we look naked. To want to turn the lights off during sex. Or to feed into those women's magazine coverlines that fearmonger about us not doing everything we possibly can to be "great in bed" or please our partners. 

But for some reason, it seems like Kim's not worried about anything of that. How freeing would be to be like that? Probably even more freeing than being a guy for a day.

Do you admire Kim's confidence?


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