Kim Kardashian & Kanye West May Not Be Moving in Together After All

Kim Kardashian Kanye West houseAww. Aren't you just so thrilled for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? They're so happy together. And they're having a baby. And they're also getting ready to move into that fancy-schmancy $11 million Bel Air mansion they bought to start their lives together as a family.

Or are they?

Get this one -- a new rumor is saying that Kanye and Kim are in escrow to flip the house and sell it for a fat profit. (And you know some Kardashian obsessed fan will have no problem shelling out tens of millions for a home that Kimye sort of almost lived in.)


Yep, according to The Real Estalker, Kim and Kanye are anticipating making a cool $1 million on the pad. Huh. Not bad considering it's only been a few weeks since they purchased the place.

But wait a second. Why on earth would they even consider getting into the business of flipping houses right now? They only have a few months to go before their little one arrives, so shouldn't they be moving into a house together, getting the nursery ready, and planting roots and settling down?

If this is true, and they really are planning on unloading the Bel Air pad so soon after buying it, then there's really only one other possible motive aside from wanting to make a hefty sum of cash.

Yep. You guessed it -- they're having a change of heart about living in that particular neighborhood of L.A. Mama Kris was reportedly all bent out of shape when they bought the home in the first place because she didn't want them living so far from the rest of the K-Dash clan in Calabasas.

Maybe Kim and Kanye realized having family nearby with a new baby around is very convenient -- and maybe they'll purchase a different home that's closer to the rest of the crew? (Stranger things have happened.)

But whatever the case, they'd better figure out where they're going to live before that baby arrives. It's generally a lot easier to adjust to life as new parents if you're actually residing under the same roof.

If Kim and Kanye are really flipping the Bel Air house, what do you think is the reason?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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