Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend Harry Styles Finally Dishes About Their Break-Up (Sort Of)

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift had seemed like she'd finally found eternal love with teen heartthrob Harry Styles -- well, eternal for Taylor, anyway, which means a few months -- but then those crazy kids went and broke up on us! Total shocker! Okay, actually, no, it wasn't a shocker at all. We don't know what caused them to break up, but you can guess whatever it was wasn't pleasant, because Taylor took a bit of a swing at him during the Grammy Awards by using a British accent during part of her performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." And to think she wrote that song about someone else. Anyhoo ... we'll probably have to wait for Taylor's Harry-inspired break-up song to know exactly what went wrong here, but meanwhile Harry has finally opened up about their long-time short-time coming split.


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During a radio interview in London, the DJ asked Harry how he was feeling after his break-up with La Tays. He responded:

I'm okay, thank you for asking. I'm good.

Aw, isn't that sweet how he thinks the DJ really cares? The interviewer then pressed him on how he felt about Taylor's dig at him during the Grammy's. He responded with much aplomb for an 18-year-old, saying:

She's a great performer and she always performs great. She's always good on the stage. She's been doing it a long time. She knows what she's doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good.

I'm sensing a theme here. And "good" is the theme. I think we know how Harry feels about the break-up. Harry awesomely deflected that question too. He then good-naturedly went on, saying:
I understand why people would wanna know stuff like that, I get it. If someone does stuff like that then I wanna know about it, too. I guess it just kind of ... It is what it is, I guess.
It is what it is ... which is good. Got it, Harry. Thanks for sharing! It's gentlemanly of Harry not to get into too much detail about it. I'm sure Taylor will do that for him at a later date. Stay tuned!
How do you think Harry handled the question?
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