Katy Perry's Ring from John Mayer Wasn't an Engagement Gift & We're All Relieved

Katy PerryI don't normally get all hot and bothered over who's dating who in Hollywood, but I'll admit I cocked an eyebrow when I heard that Katy Perry was sporting a brand new piece of ring-bling from John Mayer. (Well, as much as I can "cock an eyebrow," anyway. I've never been good at that. It'd be more honest to say I "scrunched up part of my face while tilting my head sideways like the RCA Victor dog.") Because seriously, the girl just went through that awkward public divorce from Russell Brand last July, and she's already thinking of tying the knot again?

And as for her choice of life partner #2 … ew. My tabloid-blabbing hot dog has a last name, it's M-A-Y-E-R.

Anyway, good news for those of us who wanted to tell Katy Perry to run for the hills -- it turns out John Mayer didn't put a ring on it after all.  I mean, technically he did, but it wasn't what we thought.


It turns out that the ring -- a one-of-a-kind piece created by Daniel Gibbings, a Santa Barbara based jeweler and designer -- was NOT an engagement gift after all. Or so says a "source" close to the couple, who claims it was just a Valentine's Day gift from Mayer.

A rep for the jeweler says Mayer was "really super nice" while picking out Perry's sparkler, which is a customized version of Gibbins' $5,000 20K Petite Gold Cabochon Ruby Heart Ring. I'm guessing based on the pricetag alone the source is in fact correct, this isn't an A-lister level "Will you marry me?" ring.

Which seems like good news for both of them. Not that they aren't destined to be together forever and ever -- stranger things have happened, right? -- but getting engaged after dating for all of six months just doesn't sound like the best idea. Especially after they've both had their share of highly publicized romances and breakups.

Although interestingly, Mayer says that despite the fact that the paparazzi presumably hounds them wherever they go, his relationship with Perry is totally different from those other Hollywood relationships:

I don't feel like I'm in a celebrity relationship. For the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm in a celebrity relationship. I really don't. I'm not in a high profile, I know it's high profile. It's hard to explain.

Well, good for him. Now if he can just keep himself from describing her as "sexual napalm," they might have a shot.

Would you think it was weird if Katy Perry and John Mayer really were engaged right now?

Image via KatyPerry.com

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