Mindy McCready Dies of Apparent Suicide, Leaving 2 Little Boys Motherless Forever

mindy mccreadyTroubled country singer Mindy McCready was found dead Sunday on the porch of her Herber Springs, Arkansas home. According to police, the 37-year-old's death appears to be suicide via gunshot wound. Just a month earlier, cops found the father of McCready's youngest son, record producer David Wilson, dead from suicide via gunshot wound on the very same porch. The "Ten Thousand Angels" singer, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab, has had a long struggle with addiction and metal illness. She was engaged in a very public custody battle with her mother over her eldest son, Zander. In 2011, she took Zander from her mother, claiming that she feared he was being abused. When police went to McCready's home to pick up the boy, they found both she and her son hiding in a closet.

Mindy McCready was clearly in no position to parent her children recently, but still -- her suicide will affect her kids just as any parent's tragic suicide would.


Her youngest son, Zayne, is only 10-months-old and will clearly have no recollection of his mother, which is heartbreaking in and of itself. And 6-year-old Zander, whose father is McCready's former boyfriend Billy McKnight, will have strange memories of his mother, being that he saw her on and off over the years.

It's of course sad when anyone takes their life. But there's something that stings a little bit more when that person leaves children behind. McCready obviously had her fair share of problems, but she did bring her sons into the world -- no one can duplicate such a bond. And neither of these boys have their fathers in their lives either, as Zayne's father committed suicide shortly before McCready; and Zander's father, who was charged with attempted murder at one point for choking and abusing McCready, does not have custody of his son.

McCready's struggles have always been very public. The singer didn't just appear on Celebrity Rehab, she's given countless interviews and there have been thousands of articles and blogs written about her problems. Her poor children not only have no mother now; inevitably, at some point, they will full-well know the tumultuous life she led.

Hopefully, that's not the only way they'll look back on their mother. That wouldn't be good for them -- and no mother would want to be remembered that way by their children. No matter how troubled their life was.

What do you think of McCready's death?


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