Harrison Ford WILL Play Han Solo in 'Star Wars VII' (Says Source So Unlikely It Must Be True)

Harrison FordThe rumor that Harrison Ford was considering reprising Han Solo in the new Stars Wars Trilogy has been floating around for a while, but today comes news that it's a "done deal." We all know Hollywood gossip is as reliable as the weather forecast, but the source confirming it is so odd and unlikely that it has to be true! It was not People or Entertainment Weekly but El Mayimbe of the entertainment news site Latino Review who broke the news this morning on FoxNewsLatino. He actually used the words "done deal" to describe Ford signing on. And because of the good track record he and his site have had in breaking these kinds of stories, everyone in the biz is really optimistic. I thought I was 25 years done with Star Wars until I heard this. The newer movies just didn't have the same edge or appeal. That's all changed now. I can't wait to see what Ford does with this role!


So yeah, Ford is getting up there. He's 70, wears glasses and has a big bald spot on the back of his head. Not very rougish. Everyone is making jokes about how if Ford has signed on, Hans won't be a central character, only making a cameo playing space Bingo in a retirement home and commenting about how much his joints hurt ... but I think we're in for a much bigger surprise.

Ford is not going to stake his entire acting reputation on a one-minute bit where everyone laughs at him. He's way cooler and more discerning than that. We've all seen how awesome Ford was when he played Indiana Jones as an older gentleman -- he still had the rugged good looks and sex appeal of his younger days, but with that added maturity and swagger that made him more desirable that ever.

And how cool for Ford's son Liam, his adopted son with wife Calista Flockhart. Liam wasn't even a gleam in the eye when Ford was smuggling space goods around the universe with Chewbacca and wooing Princess Leia. What a thrill this would be for him to get caught up in some of the mind-blowing awesomeness that infected our consciousnesses when Star Wars first blasted into popular culture in the 1970s. At its root, Star Wars is an old-fashioned story about good versus evil, and morality over personal gains, and even though the characters and scenery has evolved through the franchise's history, that has stayed constant.

Of course, now the really big question: Is Peter Mayhew going to play Chewbacca? He's the 7 foot 3 inch British actor who portrayed Solo's furry, lovable co-pilot in the first trilogy. If Hans is coming back they have to give us Chewie! Plus Mayhew is only 68.

Do you like the idea of an octogenarian Hans Solo in the next Star Wars Trilogy?

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